Tuesday, August 07, 2012

McAfee Site Advisor blocks a Blogger gadget; no other anti-virus program warns on it

Today, I experienced another surprise from McAfee Site Advisor as implemented into Google Chrome, in a W7 Professional environment. 

On my “disaster movies blog” (see my Profile), it suddenly blocked the status line with a warning, but this time it also blocked a gadget for “Galaxy”.  Only one blog was affected, because only that blog had that gadget.  I removed the gadget and the problem went away, and then on Firefox the Webutation score rose from 70 to 90.  I do have to reiterate that MyWOT and Webutation scores are very much a matter of subjective reputation and "nerd herd mentality". 

This time, neither Webroot, Trend Micro Titanium, Norton, nor Kaspersky warned me about the problem, but McAfee did.  (In the past, McAfee has not caught problems that other vendors identified, in my experience.)  It is a good idea, particularly if you have more than one machine, to use multiple vendors and compare what they catch. 

I have had to remove other Blogger gadgets before, in one case because of a Kaspersky warning, and once because Safari seemed to have trouble with one of them. 

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