Sunday, November 18, 2012

McAfee flags a few embedded YouTiube videos; a note on Gstreamer; a note on Webroot Secure Anywhere

I have a couple of little anomalies to report.

I've noticed since Google Chrome picked up the McAfee Site Advisor plug in, that once in a while McAfee blocls and embedded YouTube video as dangerous (red rating). I found this to be the case with my review on the Movies blog of "The Dark Knight Rises" on July 12, 2012.  The embedded video was the Warner Brothers official trailer and seemed to have been posted by WB.  I found that played manually with the "watch" subcommand it did not get the warning, but it did with "embed".  I went ahead and chose a different YouTube video, an interview-preview of the movie from ENTV, with no problems.

I don't know why a YouTube video would get marked red, no less one from Warner Brothers, the official studio trailer, unless it has something to do with the "notoriety" of the movie.

I've also noticed that in Windows 7 my user directory had a new folder called ",gstreamer-0.10" with a single bin member "registry-i686.bin".  It gets updated whenever I reboot.  Gstreamer is related to multi-media.  Webroot does not give any warning on a Security Anywhere scan.

Also, about once a month. Windows 7 asks me permission for Webroot Secure Anywhere to make a change to the registry.  

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