Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Windows 7 stalls on ads from "reputable" companies

I still have problems with a few sites in a Windows 7 environment.  The notification bar will tell me that the computer is waiting for some connection (either an ad network or comment software) and the computer freezes.  If I press the trackbar (left side) repeatedly, the computer eventually unlocks, and shows recent clicks. 
This morning, it hung on the “Doubleclick” ad network at (Major League Baseball) and went into a loop displaying McDonalds ads, which I didn’t even try to click on.  Both of these sites are reputable (even if some of McDonalds fast food isn’t), so I still think it’s a Windows 7 problem.
The problem doesn’t recur until another restart is done.
Even Windows 8 will stall for a few seconds on a few sites with heavy advertising (Slate) once after bootup, but doesn’t need to have the trackbar pressed to unlock. 

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