Monday, May 13, 2013

"Business model" pays for malware execution on hacked PC's (Webroot report)

Here’s a new “low” in the “Internet mafia” world, perhaps getting ready to appear in a soap opera plot soon (like with the character Nick Fallon in NBC’s “Days of our Lives” who, unlike “Nolan” in “Revenge”, has become a real but fictitious jerk).  The idea is to pay for hacked PC malware executions, most particularly, in all likelihood, for DDOS (denial of service) attacks on politically incorrect government agencies and financial institutions.  Another use might be to get fake advertising revenue – all from the world of “Argo”. 
Dancho Danchev describes it all on the Webroot threat blog today (it’s well worth looking at in entirety occasionally), tweeted a while ago by the company.  The link is here

Dabchev plays devil’s advocate with the “business model” here, which has its own internal contradictions, starting with TOS violations (which probably can’t in themselves be crimes anymore). 
One wonders why the world has become so cynical, cybercrime needs to become a regular employer, ability to offer stable income based on “business model”.  Do kids not have enough constructive things to do?  I don’t think kids see that much soap opera.  

Webroot has a complete channel on YouTube to illustrate issues from its Threat Blog, including mobile issues.  

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