Friday, May 03, 2013

Do you need to keep your cell phone signed out of social media and your Google account when out on the street or subway?

The other day, I tried to install a taxcab company app on my Droid smartphone, and it made me sign on to Google first.  I hadn’t been using the Google account or social media accounts on the Droid.

A security issue comes up.  If you leave yourself signed-on and use Google’s 2-step verification and you get mugged, or your cell phone is “snatched” in public --  a big problem these days – couldn’t the thief get to your Google account anyway?  After all, the verification code gets set to the same phone (you just switch to read text) or you can use the verification app. 

Is it safer to keep your phone NOT signed on to any social media or to Google and to memorize all the passwords (strong) and use them when necessary?

It would seem so to me. Same would be true of financial sites, especially if they adopt 2-step sign-on. 

 The most dangerous areas seem to be subways (Washington DC has more problems than New York City) and some street areas.  The DC area seems to have unusually severe problems with cell phone thefts.  There is a related post on the “Network Neutrality” blog yesterday. 
I’ve been amazed at how good teenagers and young adults are using smart phones and keying in text messages, even on dance floors.

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