Monday, June 17, 2013

Should users get "Adblock plus" and use other "do not track" features because of the NSA-PRISM scandal? If they do, what happens to the web?

Micah Lee of Electronic Frontier Foundation has an article today, “How dozens of companies know your reading about those NSA leaks”, link here.

Now, I don’t have a problem if they do know – or if the government knows.  Not in practice.  But I can see that some people do. 

Lee refers to another article making four suggestions: (1) Get Adblock plus  (2) Change cookie settings (3) turn off the referral of personal information to websites (4) Use https everywhere.

Now if everyone blocked all the ads they could see, there would be no free content as we know it, and companies would not find it profitable to offer do-it-yourself self publishing any more.  The whole character of debate would change.

Or would it?  This “do not track” debate has gone on for some time now.  

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