Tuesday, July 09, 2013

"The best security software brand" seems to change every year

The folks at Best Buy and Geek Squad say that the antivirus and Internet security vendor of choice changes every year.  Right now, cloud-based security is becoming easier to use (you don’t have to wait for huge data signature replacement downloads, which with some versions of Kaspersky has been annoying).  So I have Webroot Secure Anywhere on two machines. 

It still appears you can only have one main vendor on one machine at a time.
McAfee has gotten bad-mouthed under the table in recent years, but here’s an account by Pat Calhoun of Stonesoft, on the McAfee firewall, (Website url) link  

McAfee himself has become an eccentric figure in recent years, but in the mid 1990's personal goal was to eliminate all computer viruses.  
How much do third party firewalls add that Windows Firewall (in Windows 7 and 8, at least) doesn’t?  That’s never been clear. 

The Webroot Secure Anywhere Firewall always reports a large number of connections (over 100), just for a home user!  

Picture: The Nikon digital camera (Ashton's Cool Pix) can create a "David Lynch" effect.  Warm milk, anyone? 

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