Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baby monitor hacked; home locks, security systems and other hardware controlled by networks could be vulnerable

The latest technology safety scandal seems to be the hacking of a baby monitor, which was apparently controllable by remote device or through a home network with a password.  CNET has a typical news story account (website url) here.

Similarly, the smart home, where electronic door locks (like those in hotels),  thermostats, and even the security system itself can be monitored by smart phone and wireless Internet (it might require that a PC be left on while the person is away) could leave the home itself vulnerable to hackers.  Maybe door locks should just be mechanical (and Medeco). 

When I care for my mother at home, with hired caregivers, there was a radio baby monitor in her room, so that the caregiver could hear her in the living room.  But it was not connected to the Internet or my computer.  

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