Sunday, October 06, 2013

ABC discusses the "CP" ransomware problem, and warns on 5 links never to touch

ABC News has a story on “The 5 Deadly Clinks: Links you should never touch”.  The article starts by discussing the ransomware scam that puts child pornography images on your computer.   It is said to come from Russia. This was discussed on here Sept. 23. 

The five most dangerous links are (1) unfamiliar mobile apps (2) Remote access, pretending to be ISP employees (I once got a suspicious call pretending to be from AOL) (3) Paying attention if visiting porn, with a warning that intentionally clicking on sites known to have “illegal” content (or providing the hyperlinks) can send you to prison (4) authority scams supposedly from banks (5) pharmacy and drug spam.

ABC’s story (by Adam Levin) is here.
On tip 3, remember that Wikipedia reports that the FBI sometimes runs stings to see who will “knowingly” click on illegal content.
Be careful, too, that accidental clicks are more likely on smartphones or touchpad laptops.


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