Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Safe browsing tweet from Google this morning

I thought I would pass along Google’s own statement on safe searching (which it says is built into Chrome, Firefox and Safari), which the company reminded followers about on Twitter this morning, with this link

My own recent experience is that Webroot is fairly aggressive in identifying suspicious sites when going to them.  My Toshiba Satellite P875 goes to a Toshiba news site by default when I open Internet Explorer 10, and once in a while Webroot flags an ad on that site.

Yahoo! Safe search and Firefox searches, when MyWOT and McAfee Site Advisor, are fairly effective in warning about sites that have been flagged.  But several times Webroot has flagged sites not identified as risky by any safe search.  

This morning, Webroot flashed one warning on a Blogger panel, but the warning disappeared. Not clear what happened.  The Securie Anywhere panel says no active threats have been detected. 

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