Monday, November 18, 2013

AOL makes members enter captcha to send email today

Today, an odd thing happened on my AOL mail account.  I was replying to an email from China about its wanting to use a duplicate of my domain name as a subdomain for an entirely different company (I talked about this on the Trademark blog Nov. 1) when I suddenly was forced to log on to a site to enter a captcha.  I first thought it came from the site in China and noticed that it came from AOL only when I sent an email to myself.  I did do the Turing test, and it worked, and wasn't repeated.  It seemed odd to do the test for someone signed on to AOL. It has never done this before.

AOL is not that good at filtering out a lot of spam, and I still get a lot of spam purporting to be from AOL itself. 

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