Friday, November 15, 2013

CryptoLocker virus tries to sell the user's own data back

The latest scourge being discussed widely is the CryptoLocker virus (or CryptoLock) usually spread by phishing and email attachments, which demands that the victim pay up to get his encrypted data back.  The criminals are selling the person’s own data back.  There is a “groundhog day” scheme or three or more days to pay up, and after that the ransom goes up.  There is some talk of “two-sided” encryption.  The Extreme Tech article by Graham Templeton is here. 

To add "insult to injury", "victims" have to pay by Bitcon on MoneyPak. Many people will not have accounts in these currencies and will not know hot to pay.  I've never had a reason to use "hidden" digital currencies to hide them from surveillance. 
CERT, the Computer Emergency Response Team, reported on the problem by email today, with a lot of extra links with tips.  CERT says that network shares and even cloud data can be affected.  .

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