Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Facebook will strengthen protections of teens against cyberbullying

Facebook will strengthen anti-bullying protections, by making it easier for teens who feel cyberbullied to contact adults on their frends’ lists and to notify the company, according to a Washington Post story November 6 by Cecilia Kang, link here

Facebook calls the new facility a Bullying Prevention Hub, and also uses security capabilities already provided by Instagram. 
The Post includes a 15-minute video “On Background” by host Nia-Malika Henderson,   Justin Patchin comments on a slight decrease in cyberbullying reports since 2011. Dr. Gwenn O’Keefe talks about how it is difficult to walk away from online bullying because there is always a copy of it, and people can continue it when they are home, so it never “goes away” or gets forgotten.  72% of teens and adults 14-24 say that digital abuse is a big problem.
It is curious that schools have looked the other way on bullying when in the adult workplace it’s so easy to bring suit over “hostile workplace” conditions.

I do have a concern that cyberbullying will lead to further calls to weaken Section 230.  

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