Saturday, November 30, 2013

Webroot now rates website safety on Firefox search engine results

I’ve noticed that Webroot Secure Anywhere has been rating sites that I search in Firefox, listing “Category, Confidence and Score”.  Sometimes there is more than one Category.  My own “” gets a Green but is misclassified as “real estate”; it should be “personal sites and blogging”.  (There is an obscure article about real estate prices on the site.)  The MyWOT (Web of Trust) score appears behind the domain on Firefox. 
For some reason, Webroot has downgraded as orange (and interrupts with warnings) some sites that sound legitimate.  One of these sites is “” which is Mark Zuckerberg’s organization to support immigration reform, and another is “Kid Focused” which has information about raising children, including Internet safety (previous post yesterday). 

It’s possible that merely having an email sign-up list lowers a score with site-rating accompanies.  Maybe so does accepting ads. 

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