Monday, December 23, 2013

AC360, Webroot cover the baldface hosting of criminal hacking activities after Target attack

CNN, on the AC360 show this evening, described the extent to which amateurs can learn to hack from the Internet, and the plethora of sites hosting criminal activity. There’s no link for this latest story yet, and this is no place to replicate where all the advice is, but Webroot has been following this development, as in this Threat Blog story here.  The discussion came out of the Target hack. 
With all this employable technical skill, why to people need to turn to crime?
In February, NBC experienced a hack in which a ‘drive by” user could get infected merely by surfing if he or she had not updated browsers and operating systems (Microsoft) with the very latest patches, here.

Update: Dec. 24

ABC discussed Brian Krebs's investigation of "card dump" websites that sell stolen information, many of them hosted in the Ukraine.  Krebs also now reports that criminals are posing as Target and sending phishing emails.  

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