Thursday, December 19, 2013

Apple Macbooks not necessarily safer than PC's from webcam spying through "RAT".

Although conventional wisdom regards MacIntosh as safer than Windows, that may not be the case with webcam camera snooping.  Timothy B. Lee and Ashkan Soltani have a story Thursday morning in the Switch Blog of the Washington Post, “Your laptop: Is somebody watching without your knowing?” on the front page, titled “Research shows how MacBook webcams can spy on their users without warning”, link here.  There is a light which is supposed to come on if the webcam camera is in use, but hackers have found a way around letting it come on, by programming on several different chips. 
The case in point regarded a high school student arrested and prosecuted for extortion after capturing pictures of various women and sending them threatening emails. 
The article discusses the RAT, or “Remote Administrator Tool”. 
The simplest way to stay off camera may be to tape something opaque in front of the camera peephole at the top of the laptop.

I've used the webacma on my Macbook once to make a trial iMovie, but I'll be getting back to this soon. 

The Post is also reporting that hackers gained access to employee passwords (apparently, again).  

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