Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Webroot lists top security threats in 2013: probably ransomware and commoditization

Marcus Moreno from Webroot discusses the most prevalent security threats in 2013.
These were ransonware, PUA’s, and fake SMS messages on mobile devices.
Ransomware usually claims that your computer is infected and demands a payment (sometimes in bitcoin).  It generally can be removed only from outside the Windows system by an operating system expert.  The very worst forms actually can display child pornography on a computer (Sept. 23, 2013).
PUA’s, or potentially unwanted applications, often mimic search engines, in an attempt to gain more ad revenue.
It wasn’t clear from the video if these problems can occur on the MacIntosh.
The SMS problem can lead to a shock on your bill.
Webroot has a link describing the top ten trends, by Danco Danchev, here. The main development is the “commoditization” of crime, where criminals sell hacking tools and also lists of compromised computers.  
Both reports were tweeted today. 

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