Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Cell phone scam connects user to "for pay" adult site without permission; also, note modem hijacking

NBC News is reporting a new phone scam.  A robocaller dials a cell phone and rings once, producing a missed call.  If the recipient dials back, he or she gets connected to an adult entertainment site overseas and winds up getting billed up to $19.95 for the connection.
The calls so far seem to come from area codes 268, 809, 876, 294 and 473. 
The Better Business Bureau suggests checking for these area codes or looking up the number on “Who Called Us”, link here

The story by Juliane Pepitone at NBC us here
The practice would seem to run the risk of being used to disseminate child pornography. 

Verizon warns about a scam that sounds similar, called modem hijacking, link 

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