Thursday, March 06, 2014

Fibbies pounce on Russian hacker who created SpyEye after he stepped overseas; tales of the Dark Web

USA Today offers a detailed story Thursday about super hacker Sasha Panin, now in jail, not arrested until he left Russia because the US does not have an extradition treaty with Russia. 
Panin developed “SpyEye”, a tool kit used by criminals for major attacks against retailers and credit card operations.  It was deciphered by TrendMicro about two years ago.  The FBI had to wait until Panin left Russia to pounce.
Panin says he went into malware because he couldn’t get a job that paid decently, except in international crime, which Russians view as legitimate business. The whole story seems to show that this is part of Russian strategy, to encourage young people to pilfer from the West.
The USA Today story is here. 

Panin was reportedly interested in artificial intelligence and wanted to invent a way for people to live forever digitally, perhaps as nanites as in the show “Revolution”.  He grew up in a smaller city north of Moscow.  

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