Thursday, May 15, 2014

A note about Microsoft automatic updates (for security)

Here's something interesting I noticed yesterday when doing automated Windows updates on all three Windows laptops I have. Two of them had downloaded, one had installed.  I brought up a smaller travel notebook, and again Windows told me it had updates, about 65 meg worth.  But the download stayed at 0 transferred, until I restarted and completed the configuration of the updates installed on the second (the Window 8) machine.  Once the restart on the other machine and reconnection was complete, then the actual download in the third machine started.
Microsoft means it when it wants you to restart and complete the update process immediately.
The most recent update seems to have compromised the "File Explorer" in Windows 8 (I'm not sure about 8.1), causing drive letters not to appear.  You can get them back by right clicking and entering a different source under properties, as explained in this link.  I'm having trouble getting the Control Panel to display properly  I'm having trouble seeing the Control Panel, too, which I think has a similar fix.  And the thumbnails database which lets you preview your images no longer works.  I can still see all the images through Google, as when I bring up a drive in YouYube or Blogger.  

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