Tuesday, May 20, 2014

FBI sting intercepts "creepware" or distribution of the "Blackshades" RAT

An FBI sting and series of raids has resulted in the arrest of over 90 people for disseminating the “Blackshades” RAT (remote access Trojan), which we associate with “creepware”, including the ability to watch people working on laptops through the camera.  
Dark Matter has the story here.  The malware is on a shelf for criminals to buy (a process Webroot has been documenting lately).  For $40, a criminal and Russia can unleash a “computer plague” of privacy invasion, according to a US Attorney.
Channel 4 in Jacksonville, FL produced a video on steps that home users should take, which sound rather extensive, like password changes every 30 days, and making separate hard drive backups, link here.  This report reports a connection to extortion and ransomware.
I do use Cloud backups (carbonite) which theorectically could be compromised.  But I also make multiple partial backups on thumb drives and store them in various physically separate places, including a safe deposit box.  There may be a security advantage in also using optical backup media, which would not be affected by electromagnetic pulse.    

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