Thursday, May 29, 2014

Think about security for your computers at home when you play on the road

This may not be a big deal, but I noticed a phishing attempt that can be troubling to travelers this weekend while on the road myself.  On Sunday, after being away a few days, I got an email (twice) claiming that my AOL account had been signed on from a different location.  Now maybe that was true, if I used a different IP address in a motel.  Or conceivably it could mean that a home laptop had been stolen and then logged on to. Fortunately, I could see I had gotten the eamil before, while at home, so that was pretty good evidencr that it was spam.
Nevertheless, a stolen laptop or tablet could jeopardize one's accounts with various vendors and providers.  It's a good idea to have two-step verification for sign on to important accounts and require password access to get on to all machines. Of course, simple pins (like for cell phones) and pw's can be broken by someone determined on ruin,
ABC News today reported on rapid advances in home security, which involve planting inconspicuous cameras around a home that will send cell phone video to a homeowner, even before a security company is notified of any intrusion.  
Home field advantage means something.  

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