Friday, June 27, 2014

Webroot suddenly detects an old fake antivirus trojan

Today, on my Dell XPS laptop from 2009 (purchased with Windows Vista, upgraded to Windows 7 at the start of 2011), Webroot Secure Anywhere flashed a warning in its "W" notification icon (no pun intended) that a threat had been detected and that a scan should be run immediately.

The scan detected a signature for an old trojan, "Rogue.Gen", which appeared to be only in a directory used when it was on Vista.  I would have to presume that Webroot had made an upgrade to its Cloud definitions that led to this trojan's being detected.   It was removed or quarantined easily.  It appears to be an old executable that attempts to lure the user into buying fake anti-virus software.

The is the first time this has happened for me with Webroot Secure Anywhere. 

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