Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Working from home" particularly a security threat for retailers, financial institutions; discussion of "Backoff"

Employers, especially retailers and financial institutions, are finding that employee telecommuting is causing increased security risks, according to a story on the Business Day section of the New York Times on July 31 by Nicole Perlroth, link here.  Typically employees take laptops home, but may be less careful.  The article discusses in some detail some malicious software called Backoff, which is not easily detected by most antivirus software and which requires “layers” of corporate security.
When I was working, a lot of “homework” was done for nighttime production support, or “nightcall” (ironically the name of a porn film around 2000).  Access was mainly to the mainframe, often through dumb terminals or Procomm or similar software on one’s own home computer.  Awareness of the sensitivity of personal information of clients (like in AbendAID dumps of programs that had abended) was much less two decades ago. 

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