Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New HP computer shows an unwanted dll member, a mystery

On my new HP ENVY “desktop” with Windows 8.1, I’ve noticed the presence of a bizarre Dynamic Load Library element, “_ocl_svml_e9.dll”.  It appears if I enter the letter “E” on the Windows 8 Tablet desktop as if I wanted to bring up “Excel”.

I noticed this after one apparent hard drive error, which I recovered from by simply turning off the machine and doing a cold boot, which took a little longer than usual.  After that incident, I signed up for the HP Support Assistant monitoring of firmware problems. I noticed that Windows 8.1 Action Center ran on bootup, possibly to mark a hard-drive sector as unusable.   

A little nosing around suggests that this is obscure malware whose purpose is unknown. But a site in Japanese, ExEdb, says, when translated, that this module is inessential and may be left on the machine. 

Webroot Secure Anywhere does not flag this module during routine scans.  

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