Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Creator of StealthGenie arrested by FBI for marketing an "illegal" app used for stalking

The creator of the StealthGenie app, which can be used to spy on someone when installed on his or her smartphone, was arrested by the FBI Monday, as reported in a story on CNNby Doug Gross here. The creator was Hammad Akbar, of Lahore, Pakistan.  The CNN story links to another by Erica Fink, “Stalker: A creepy look at you online”.  The capabilities to track someone in real time are legal only for law enforcement.

Surveillance by parents of minor children would be legal, as would surveillance of employees in some cases. 

The website for “StealthGenie” was not available Tuesday morning.  But YouTube videos advertising (even from the company) it were still working.  They might well get taken down soon.
A person would need access to the phone to install it to stalk, so usually this could come about when someone is beings stalked by someone they “trust” (like someone dating the person) who has access to their stuff.   

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