Tuesday, September 16, 2014

McAfee Security Scan warns me about my past incidental visit to 4chan

McAfee Security Scan is often offered free with Adobe products.  Today, on a Windows 7 machine, when it ran, it came back “code yellow” and gave me a warning that had visited two suspicious sites, the “imageboards” “4chan.org” and “4cha”.  “4Chan” has been controversial because it hosts questionable content like the nude photos (of female celebrities) stolen from the Cloud and posted by hackers.  But I’m not aware of any reports of malware.
There have been legal questions whether visitors who look at any underage explicit photos there are “possessing” child pornography. A person might not know that an image or thumbnail that appears on the board is underage. There are questions, apart from the underage material, as to whether the site could be forced to remove material posted without permission. 
Still, I was surprised by McAfee’s Security Scan finding that I had accessed it and flagging it.  

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