Saturday, September 06, 2014

My own difficulties renewing Norton anti-virus on the Mac

I noticed that on a 2011 MacBook laptop that I use for music, my Norton subscription has expired.

And furthermore, when I try to renew it, I can’t get the Norton website to direct me to an update that runs on Mac OS 10.6.8 (the lowest update available is for 10.7 and Apple is already up to 13).  In fact, most of the links on the website take me only to Windows-based products!

So soon I’ll visit an Apple store and see how to get this updated.  It seems as though vendors are into making you replace operating systems every two or three years or else everything goes obsolete.  They won’t leave you alone.  
Update: Sept. 10

I tried to chat with an agent at Norton to get a renewal code, and got caught in a loop on the Norton site.  I got the Norton site to update my account only from a Windows machine.  Maybe the problem was I hadn't verified the email yet, but it shouldn't look and keep on refreshing the base page.

Update: Sept. 14

I did get the subscription date to advance to 2015 with a renewal code from a chat agent.  Norton replaced the module once with the same product and a restart. 

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