Sunday, February 08, 2015

New phishing scam warning of offenders moving into area works around the usual "cursor" test

A particularly nasty phishing scam has been reported by Webroot and in PCWorld, article by Tony Bradley, as part of the "Threat Response" series,  link here
The scam is more intricate in that the email link actually goes to a legitimate website and moving the cursor over it won’t detect that it is fraudulent.  But in the interim, it is redirected through several other sites that inject malware into a Windows system for pilfering banking or credit card information. It isn’t clear how well anti-virus software yet detects the scam.
The source is made to appear to be “Family Safety Notice_Kids*Live*Safe” with a subject line “Public Notice: A Sex Offender Alert for your Area”.  Variations are likely.  But the actual site has nothing to do with the email, even though the user ultimately does wind up going to the site.
Browser history will show intermediate sites visited, which may contain the malware.  

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