Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is cloud security now more reliable than in-house security? (home, office)

Monday Webroot tweeted a story by Ben Rossi in Information Age on the debate as to whether cloud security is better than in-house security.
That debate bifurcates.  Home computer security products are moving toward cloud protection (like Webroot Secure Anywhere) presuming an always-on quality (often wireless) Internet connection.  The days of having to update data signature files (very time consuming) may be over.  Remember how long this used to take with McAfee and Kaspersky, in older versions? 

The other trend is for companies to outsource their security, to Cloud services with large vendors. 
This goes along with the fact that very large IT companies (Facebook, Google, Apple and the like) are better at security than most retailers, law firms, manufacturers, and the like, can be at managing their own.  Banks and insurance companies are in the middle, but even they have had some problems (look at Anthem).  Large IT companies also seem better at security than a lot of web hosting companies.  

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