Friday, March 06, 2015

P2P BitTorrent client installs unwanted Bitcoin miner; possible vulnerability in Mac OS Gatekeeper reported

Ernesto, on Webroot’s threat blog, reports that the popular P2P BitTorrent client uTorrent silently installs bloatware, specifically a bitcoin miner, called the “Epic Scale” tool.  I heard about this today on Twitter, from users in the music community, so they name of the tool threw me at first.  It has nothing to do with music composition software.  The Webroot story is here
The bloatware is said to be very hard to remove (demonstration here ). 

There is also an important article today being tweeted about Mac OS security.  It talks about OS Gatekeeper in OS Lion, and it is possible that Apple could have fixed the vulnerability with Yosemite, or will do so soon with an update.  I am not sure I understand the entire problem right now, as the local Apple store says not to worry.  But I will have to look at this story in more detail.  I’ll come back to it soon.  The link in Mac Observer to the story by Jeff Braun is here.  Maybe CERT in Pittsburgh will have a story on this one soon. 

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