Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Phishing still seems to be the biggest vector of malware; identify "cyberscum"

The Denver Post has a nicer primer on staying ahead of cyber “scum” here, tweeted yesterday by Webroot. 
Note the emphasis on not falling for simple phishing attacks, and the simple explanation of how phishing works.    This article makes phishing look like the main source of malware, still.
I’ve noticed that some phishing emails are better able to mimic a legitimate sending address, such as one yesterday claiming to be from Apple iTunes.
I’ve seen emails that are pretty silly.  No, you can’t get a (legitimate) service of process by email.
Since I have email spam filters and comment spam filters, I could miss messages that law enforcement sees as significant.  For example, a threat by email probably would be filtered out automatically and never be read by the recipient, and the same is true of comments on most blogs. 
Above is Trend Micro’s primer on phishing scams.

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