Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Upcoming browser fixes for TLS LogJam vulnerability could make some websites inaccessible

The Wall Street Journal is reporting, in a Business and Tech article by Jennifer Valentino-DeFries, that a planned fix to a bug in the Transport Layer Security  called LogJam (previously known as Freak) could make some websites (up to 20000 of them) inaccessible.  The link is here.

Firefox and Google Chrome (and presumably Internet Explorer and Safari) will implement the fixes soon. Firefox may have the fix even this week, and will update when you open it.  It is believed that only sites with certain kind of security would be affected, but this is not yet entirely clear. 
Recently, on two separate episodes where I got “connection refused” or “reset” for about twelve hours, one of my sites (on Windows Server only) was inaccessible on two occasions earlier this Spring.  I don’t know if a problem like this could have been involved, because the ISP has not told me what the problem was other than “server issues”. 


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