Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kaspersky seems less likely to rate amateur sites for reputation; more on Wordpress and security

I have noticed, since starting to use Kaspersky on the HP Envy, that Kaspersky seems to have rated fewer sites for reputation than had Webroot of McAfee.  In particular, Kaspersky has rated about half of my Blogspot blogs as green, but not rated the others, and it doesn’t seem to have rated any of my Wordpress domains or my legacy sites.  Kaspersky may generally be paying less attention to rating “amateur” sites than some other security vendors.  But it does seem to rate Google’s hosted blogs fairly quickly. 
Most blogging consultants (like “Blogtyrant” Ramsay on Twitter) consider Wordpress to be superior to Blogger, and I would generally agree.  Wordpress is set up to be hosted by other companies with formal contracts with customer users, which tends to mean support is likely to be more forthcoming (and can be obtained by phone as well as help forums).  Under BllueHost, I have 4.3.1, and Bluehost normally updates automatically. 
However, Wordpress (especially older versions) is known to have some vulnerabilities, as listed here.  A quick Google search does show a few scattered reports a few years back of some Blogger vulnerabilities, too. And the same holds for Tumblr.  
One idea that could improve security would be to make it easier to update blog content (on any major service platforms) on modern mobile devices.  People who run broadcast content should be able to maintain the content and respond to problems at all times, which makes going off the grid difficult. 

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