Thursday, October 01, 2015

With Windows 10, confusion over use of Webroot, and facts are in dispute right now

I did pick up my HP Envy with Windows 10 (replacing Windows 8.1) yesterday from Geek Squad.
I was told that Webroot has an issue with Windows 10, and that freezes have been reported.  So Geek Squad loaded Kaspersky.  I must admit that I found a "missed call" and voicemail on this matter on my iPhone (and was slow checking it), so GS went ahead and decided to use Kaspersky. 
I sent a Twitter message to Webroot, which denies that there is a problem, and says it is investigating the source of the “rumor”.  When I get more details from Webroot or GS, I’ll report the facts here as they come in.

I had used Kaspersky on an older Toshiba travel laptop purchased at the beginning of 2011.  It is much easier to use now, with fast automatic updating.  It appears to be load-based rather than cloud-based (but I could be missing something).
Kaspersky flashes warnings when I go to a website whose security certificate doesn’t check out.  One of these sites was accuweather (which I am monitoring because Hurricane Joaquin is menacing the East Coast in a few days). Kaspersky also enables “secure keyboard input” when entering passwords. 

Kaspersky also rates websites found on search engines.  It grays out more sites than does Webroot (saying it has no information on the site).  My "doaskdotell" is grayed out on Kaspersky but green on Webroot.
Kaspersky says I need to enable "data protection" (which I will investigate) when I log on to a bank site.  It also offers "safe browser mode" and "Safe Money", which I will look into. 

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