Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Kaspersky is very quick to block advertisers on mainstream news sites

Here’s something interesting about Kaspersky.  It blocks pop-ups from some advertisers on major established news sites (like CNN) as “phishing” sites.  But it does seem to cast a very wide net, not giving any advertiser the benefit of the doubt.

With most major corporate sites, Kaspersky still sometimes seems to expect “https” to be offered, and will flash a warning about security certificate even if I simply key in the domain name (with no http).  This does not happen with sites that have converted to all https (Washington Post, Electronic Frontier Foundation).

Kaspersky seems to have the strictest environment for Windows that I have ever encountered.  Wikipedia says that the company is headquartered in Moscow, with holding company in the UK.   I wonder how it survives in Vladimir Putin’s country, whose whole economy seems to be predicated on worldwide Internet crime.
I’ll note here today that I am reading Ted Koppel’s “Lights Out” about the way weaknesses in corporate security for power companies could bring down major parts of the US grid (especially vulnerable to rogue state enemies), and will discuss in a book review soon.

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