Monday, January 18, 2016

Hackers busted in Europe for .NET trojan that can carry ransomware

SC Magazine, for Security Professionals (UK), has reported the arrest in Norway of hackers using Microsoft .NET to propagate ransomware.  Webroot tweeted the story today.

“.Net” is an object oriented application design facility available since Microsoft XP (maybe earlier) aften taught as a desired IT skill.  It was hot in the job market in the early 2000’s, when other skills were down.  It is still frequently a desired skill in many jobs.

It is used by Microsoft Expression Web, which replaced Front Page a few years ago.

Microsoft often does major updates, including security, to its .net platform.  Some of the updates are rather large, but I suspect this story will lead to another large update soon.
The Trojan is called Megalodon HTTP.

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