Tuesday, March 22, 2016

FBI may be able to unlock iPhone from San Bernadino without help from Apple

The FBI is saying early Tuesday that it may not need Apple’s help in unlocking the San Bernadino terrorists’ iPhone, which the FBI now says was in use right up to the end.  The New York Times has a typical story by Katie Benner and Matt Apuzzo

The Wall Street Journal, in a story by Daisuke Wakabayashi, reports that an outside company will help the FBI.  The process is likely to be extremely labor intensive and take some time.  Later reports suggest that the process consists of copying the chip thousands of times, and trying all possible combinations on a sequence of copies.

So for now, the back door, that Apple says can ultimately endanger everyone from subterfuge, already exists.  Former security honcho John McAfee says the FBI should let him try the hack.

Update: March 28

The latest news is that the FBI has unlocked the data and the DOJ has dropped legal action against Apple.

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