Saturday, July 23, 2016

Forbes paid content loads ads that lock Google Chrome browser

Today, I went to a paid content article from Forbes (linked from CNN) on the “10 best states to make a living”.  OK, #10 was Minnesota, with a picture of Minneapolis – and when I clicked to see #9 I got a full screen ad from an email marketing company.  I was able to back out of it, but when I tried it again, Chrome would not let me back out, or get back to the computer.  I had to power off the machine and “quick start” Windows 10.  I restarted it fully, and ran a quick scan on Trend Micro, which found no problems.  I’ll restart one more time and run a full scan soon. (Done now.)

This may be a Chrome security vulnerability, that it allows an ad to take over the browser and not let you out (unless you sign up).  Google could fix this.

This is obviously a security problem Trend should catch, and that Chrome should not allow.  It does not appear to be ransomware.

I think this little incident gives pause to consider how difficult it is today for some people to make a living, that they are trying silly marketing schemes out of desperation. Make America great again???

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