Saturday, September 10, 2016

A "telephony denial of service" attack could flood a 911 emergency network (concept)

911 systems, run by states, could be hacked by a telephony denial of service attack, according to Kim Zeiter, in a story by Kim Zetter on p. A10 of the Washington Post today.

The hacker would infect a large number of mobile phones, in the firmware, which would then send bogus 911 calls, possibly with spoofed numbers making them impossible to blacklist.

Researchers have found malware in both iPhone and Android apps.  Curiously, author Edmund Contoski in Minnesota had described such a possibility in his 1997 novel "The Trojan Project".
Recently, on a Sunday morning in August, the 911 system in part of Washington DC was disabled for about 90 minutes by a cabling error by  technician. There were no critical missed responses as a result.

"Blogtyrant" (Ramsay Taplan, in Australia) predicts the development of security products to protect vehicles and smart home appliances from malware soon. 

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