Thursday, September 22, 2016

Malvertisers apparently use "popads" and "content locking"; another Facebook phishing scam

I got this comment to the last post, “Are you looking to make cash from your visitors by popounder ads  In case you do, did you try using PopAds?  Then another comment, “Did you know that you can make cash by locking special pages of your blog/website? All you need to do is to join Mgcash and use their current locking tool.”  I marked both as spam (see the comment I wrote).  It seems this is the heart of “malvertising”, forcing users to open ads which might contain malware (even ransomware) just to view legitimate content.  Publishers should be wary of accepting ads that might try to do this.

Also, there seems to be a new phishing scheme using Facebook, taking “Friends” names and making up website names from their names and spoofing sender addresses, so that the user doesn’t suspect it’s a Facebook scam.  You would be leaded to go to a tiny url website which probably delivers malware. 

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