Friday, December 09, 2016

"12 Days of 2FA" from EFF (two-factor authentication)

Electronic Frontier Foundation has a valuable summary by Gennie Gebhart on “2FA” systems – “two factor authentication”, link.
The authentication is based on a password, where you are, and what you have.  (That's really three factors.) Sites that make you re-authenticate when on a different computer (even in your own home) are using this practice. 

EFF is sponsoring a “12 Days of 2Fa” event.


EFF prefers the use of hardware tokens like Yubikey when possible, as it would be harder for a totally fake copy of a regular site to trick you, and as governments could not track your smartphone use into metadata. 

Update: Dec. 23

Apple says it has turned on 2 factor identification with the IOS 10.2 release.  But Forbes says there are other problems (especially with power shutoff issue at 30%, here). 

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