Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fair use may help Internet and smart device users protect themselves from hackers

Kerry Sheehan has an interesting essay at Electronic Frontier Foundation, “Fair Use as Consumer Protection”, link.
As you read through the examples, it’s apparent that most of the uses given would help consumers protect their devices from hackers, even perhaps protect home routers from illegal use by others.  It’s possible to imagine that Airbnb would find some of this interesting.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Spam comments try to lead to fake Internet security links

I have become aware of the practice of some spammers to send spam comments to blog postings about various Internet security companies with links to fake sites pretending to be the security company   This is a variation of the usual email phishing, where the spammer tries to put spam comments on blogs with fake links.

Comment moderation (or use of services like Akismet) should stop this.

In one case, Google comment moderation warned me on a comment with a hidden link to “webrootsupportphone dot com”.  I have reported this to the company but it appears not to be legitimate.
This probably happens with all major security companies.