Friday, May 02, 2008

Local Police Department sets up Myspace page to be minors' "friend"

On Thursday, May 1, 2008, Julie Carry at NBC4 in Washington reported that the Arlington VA police department has created a Myspace page and wants to encourage area teenagers with such pages to include the Police Department as a Myspace “friend.” Then, the Police Department believes, other visitors would be deterred from attempting inappropriate contact with the minor. The Arlington Police Department Myspace page does have its own safety tips that are well worth visiting.

The NBC4 story can be viewed here as a two-minute video.

Daniela Deane has a story on p B5 Metro of the May 2 Washington Post "Police Try MySpace to Deter Sexual Predators: Department Hopes to Protect Children Online by Making 'Top Friends' of Them," link here.

Update: May 8

NBC4 has been pushing its Internet Safety video on "The More You Know," right here, warning teens not to post personal pictures or information online. It may be a little overdone.

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