Thursday, July 17, 2008

Court TV weighs in on home computer safety

An episode on the Fox Network’s “Judge Hatchett” yesterday (July 16) reiterated a particular computer safety tip often made: to place the “family computer” in a public area of the house where kids cannot use it secretly. But the same would seem to be true for a television with cable access, particularly to adult-oriented “pay for view.”

The case on her “court TV” program involved a dispute between two sisters, where the family received a bill for pay-per-view pornographic films, and one sister sued the other, who denied the use. The Judge held a closed “family” session her chambers, very “sotto voce.”

But Internet and even cable can have legitimate use for school work for students who are old or mature enough. For such families, it hardly seems practical to expect homework to be done in a “public area.” And some kids (Cameron Johnson, Aaron Greenspan, discussed on the books blogs) have started legitimate businesses on bedroom or home computers.

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