Thursday, September 04, 2008

McAfee publishes family Internet security guide

McAfee has published a spiffy “10-Step Internet Safety Flan for Your Family”, a PDF document at this link.

McAfee says that the chance of any one person becoming a victim of a cybercrime is about 25%.

It recommends placement of a family compute in high-traffic areas. There is some emphasis on family teamwork, and on careful education as soon as a child (a tween) is old enough to begin to use the Internet.

The computer is seen as a family asset, not as property of an individual member. Obviously, older teens who are responsible enough will have goon reason to have more independence in their use, especially for school work.

One could think of learning to use a computer and especially the Internet as a bit like learning to drive a car.

The paper warns about strangers on the Internet, with all the well known dangers.

It also recommends strong passwords and systematic checks that security software and firewalls work.

The paper doesn’t say this, but other security experts have said that normally there is no legitimate reason for a minor to own a webcam.

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Jason Short said...

"security experts have said that normally there is no legitimate reason for a minor to own a webcam."

There are a number of new games for the XBox and Playstation 3 that use the web camera of the game machine to let kids take their picture in game. Some of them also allow the child to print out pages on a printer and "show" it to the camera to unlock new features in the game.

This is giving the child a reason to start playing with the webcam and to feel safe around it. Is it a legit need? Debatable, but kids will want to use the camera for those games.