Monday, January 05, 2009

More stories about supposedly infected videos

Following on with Saturday’s posting about spyware-infected videos showing up in spam blogs that seem to ride on sensational news stories, I found this item by Doug Aamoth on Crunchgear, dated Dec. 8, 2008 about a supposed “Actns/Swif.T virus” in some videos that would download a phony “Antivirus 2009”. I think I saw that pop up myself about two months ago on my own computer, and I stopped it immediately, and McCafee since then has shown no infection. The link for the story is here. Later Aamoth offered an update about Computer Associates anti-virus as returning false positives on some video files. There is more about this at “Supergeekblog” here.

McCafee has a report on “Downloader-UA.h” which presents fake video and music files here. But I couldn't find "Actns" documented on McAfee.

So I’m not sure yet how all the pieces fit in these stories about infected videos and spam, but they do bear careful watching.

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