Saturday, January 17, 2009

New corporate network virus may have infected 8 million machines this week (downadup virus)

Barry Neild of CNN has a report on the “Downadup” virus that has infected 8 million or so windows PC’s, mostly on corporate networks. It seems to spread when an infected laptop is connected to a network. It seems to be a sleeper poised to steal personal and financial information later. Most of the infections occurred this week. The worm is also known as "Conficker".

The CNN story is here.

In a related develop McAfee now offers a Fourth Annual Virtual Criminology Report now. Visitors must register. The link is here. The report appears to pay particular attention to “social engineering.”

Update: Jan 28, 2009

AOL offers a similar story from Switched, here. It is also called the Conficker virus.

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