Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama websites have been a target of "malware"

A story by Terrence O’Brien on Switched on Jan. 27 points out the danger of Obama imitation sites offering viruses. A “MyBarackObama” network has encouraged the poting of fake blogs and profiles with fake YouTube videos (they aren’t really on YouTube) that, when played, can load spyware or sometimes pornography, particularly dangerous in a workplace or school environment (or conceivably leading to the possibility of false possession charges later, as noted in a few postings here, like yesterday’s).

Obama’s campaign site last spring was hacked at least once, according to the story.

The story also reminds one of the “news spam”, as reported Jan. 3: fake blog entries (sometimes on legitimate blog publishing services), often with a lot of nonsense text scraped from legitimate sites that contained controversial news stories, with, again, fake YouTube videos that could load viruses if clicked or “played.” McAfee SiteAdvisor and WebofTrust or other site rating services often don’t find these in time to warn visitors about them.

We have a tech savvy president who may take more direct interest in this problem than did his predecessor.

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