Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Companies offer parents ability to monitor their kids' cell phone (ab)use

The Dr. Phil show today (Tues. Feb 3) presented a device called “Radar” or “My Mobile Watchdog” that allows parents to monitor their kids’ cell phone use. A link showing how it works is here.

Some parents have clamped down on teen home computer use, by measures such as moving the computers into public areas and installing filters, but are unaware that predators could try to contact their teens by cell phone.

The Dr. Phil show demonstrated s sting operation by police in Colorado resembling NBC Dateline’s famous series, but this time involving cell phones as well as computers. Cell phones and blackberries send emails and have Internet access as well as processing calls and texts. But teen texting (sending and receiving) seems to be posing hazards previously underestimated by parents.

Dr. Phil presented “text language”.

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